Banqsoft Lighthouse is our cloud based  eco-system for credit management. It is a full-service software suite with a rich set of services to make our customers profitable.

With our friction free credit management solutions we offer services for the whole value chain from order to payment.

The services are scalable and with our business model it will suit both the small business, the public service and the large enterprise.

Lighthouse Credit Management Ecosystem

Lighthouse Credit Management Ecosystem

Cloud-based Eco System for Credit Management and Debt Collection


The most comprehensive Credit Management Software on the market.


Streamlined, powerful and  comprehensive Credit Management Software for municipalities.


Invoice and 3D ledger services. Seamless integration with Collect.


Open APIs ensuring integration from order to cash.

Contact Center

Call center and chat solutions for optimizing dialogue.


Powerful reporting solutions for decision making and prediction.


High volume production and distribution. Status update and fallback solutions.

Self Service

Web based platforms for customers: Online Office. For Debtors: My Page.

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