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Digital transformations are rapidly evolving our financial industries. From open banking to blockchain technologies, changes in consumer behavior to peer to peer lending and continual changes in compliance are only a few of the many transitions to keep up with. As a leading financial software provider in the Nordics, Banqsoft offers innovative software solutions for asset finance and digital banking companies with the insight, expertise and concepts to keep your business ahead of future digital transformations.

Recent News


Looking Beyond the Storm - A Letter from Banqsoft CEO Terje Kjøs

The Corona Virus has changed everything about life and work as we know it. Read a letter from our CEO Terje Kjøs about the importance of digitization and how it will keep society moving forward now and in the future.




Working in the Forefront of Digital Banking Automation

Automation and digitization have long been on the forefront in the world of banking. From the start of the ATM back in the late 1960’s, we have seen shifting developments of new focus areas as the banking industry continues to advance, with Nordic countries taking the lead.




Retail Banking: Why Specialization Demands Experimentation

Specializing in niche banking services can be risky. This is why successful niche banks use systems that make it easy to experiment with different products.