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Digitization, new channels and competitors, changes in customer behavior, the sharing economy, PSD2, open banking, peer to peer lending, blockchain, crowdfunding, robotics and the never-ending story of compliance are just some of the changes to keep up with. As a leading financial providers in the Nordics, Banqsoft possess the insight, expertise and concepts needed for the financial industry to keep up with the digital transformation.

Recent News

Banqsoft at the Norwegian Innovation Day 2019

For the tenth time, the Norwegian Innovation Day brought together innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders for professional refills and inspiration. Speakers from various companies who have succeeded with innovation shared their experiences and viewpoints. Banqsoft was present to keep up with news and trends in the marketplace.



Banqsoft launches Open banking platform

Banqsoft launches a new Azure cloud platform to support Open banking, PSD2 and DSOP


Banqsoft supports deliveries to Norwegian debt registers

Banqsoft supports deliveries to Norwegian debt registers