Loans & Credits from Banqsoft support a wide range of loan products from mortgage-based loans to consumer loans and revolving credits.

Loans & Credits from Banqsoft includes multiple lending products, interest types and capitalization frequencies, which make it easy to meet different customers needs for financing.

For consumer loans, flexible re-payment schemes can be offered, including instalment or interest-free periods.

For revolving credits, several conditions can be set, including credit limits with top-up opportunities if the balance is below the granted limit.

Secured loans and mortgages can be offered to finance a wide range of objects, from real estate to machinery, equipment or movables. The solution handles complex collateral structures, multiple interest types including fixed interest, multiple fees and calculation methods.

The solution handles payments as direct debit and e-invoicing, recurring payments and standing orders, overdraft handling including reminders and automated debt collection, customer notifications and annual assignments, tax reporting, reporting to general ledger and data warehouse, as well as compliance requirements built-in.

Enquiries, updates and capitalization of transactions are updated real-time and distributed to all channel solutions. Loans & Credits are delivered as responsive services for online banking such as pc, tablets and mobile devices, both for consumers and corporates, offering the optimal customer experience. For all loan products the solution focus on automated, flexible and swift credit processes, including online applications, credit score and approval.