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Banqsoft 3D Ledger for Invoice and Ledger Management

Banqsoft Ledger is the new third party ledger service, accounts receivables and invoice management solution from Banqsoft Credit Management. Banqsoft 3D Ledger is a solution for agencies offering ledger and invoice administration services to their clients. It can also be used as a 2D Ledger for an agency or company’s own invoicing. 3D Ledger is a cloud-native solution that replaces Banqsoft’s classic Predator ARM 

Banqsoft 3D Ledger for Invoice and Ledger Management

As part of the cloud-native Lighthouse suite from Banqsoft Credit Management, 3D Ledger completes the product portfolio for automated credit management from the initiation of credit through to legal collection or surveillance. 

Standalone solution
3D Ledger is a standalone product in the Lighthouse Ecosystem. It uses the same common services and security model, and integrates seamlessly with Collect through standard APIs. To provide pure ledger/invoice administration services, it does not require Collect.  

Fram data capture to collection handover
Banqsoft 3D Ledger handles the pre-collection processes of the credit “life-cycle”. This includes data capture, general ledger and accounts receivables subsidiary ledger accounting, invoice production and distribution and automated pre-collection monitoring and processing. Automated processing is per invoice and includes recording payments and credit notes, allocation against invoices, and producing reminders for over-due invoices. Typically, the last step in the process will be to transfer the over-due credit to a collection solution, like Collect. 

Extensive business value
Collectors using Banqsoft 3D Ledger together with Collect will be able to offer their clients a full Credit Management service for the entire credit life-cycle, optimizing the pre-collection as well as the collection processes, and improving  

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