Deposits and Savings from Banqsoft

Deposits & Savings from Banqsoft support current and savings accounts with debit cards, virtual cards, to micro saving and mobile wallets to suit every need.

Deposits & Savings from Banqsoft includes both current accounts and savings accounts. A wide range of features, interest types and capitalization frequencies make it easy to build different market products to specific customer segments. Automatic change of products and conditions also allows the bank building loyalty programs for customers' distinct phases of life.

Current accounts are integrated with banking infrastructure for card handling and payments in the Nordics. Additional products and services such as credits, debit cards, virtual cards, micro savings and mobile wallets can be attached on demand.

Savings accounts can be linked to withdrawal restrictions, reward rules like cashback for large deposits, or as security for a loan or credit.

The solution handles payments as direct debit and e-invoicing, recurring payments and standing orders, overdraft handling including reminders and automated debt collection, customer notifications and annual assignments, tax reporting, reporting to general ledger and data warehouse, as well as compliance requirements built-in.

Enquiries, updates and capitalization of transactions are updated real-time and distributed to all channel solutions. Deposits & Savings are delivered as responsive services for online banking such as pc, tablets and mobile devices, both for consumers and corporates, offering the optimal customer experience.