Take advantage of structured data, automation and machine learning to decrease manual work, make informed business decisions and reduce risks.

Business Analytics from Banqsoft offers solutions and services that allow our customers to make better decisions and improve their businesses. Customer onboarding with compliance requirements built-in, credit risk and credit processes, Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundry, general ledger reconciliation, performance analysis, insights and CRM, dashboards and reporting are just some of the many areas where we can help companies to stay ahead.

We work closely with our customers to provide the best viable solutions using our business know-how and best practices, utilizing standard as well as customized products and 3rd party integrations.


Customer onboarding

Any customer that is introduced to financial services needs to be onboarded observing operational and regulatory requirements and will therefore be retrieved and validated via external sources. The capture of customer data includes information related to AML and PEP screening, in addition to other data that might be necessary for adequate characterization of the customer and for AML risk classification. The processes involved in the automated onboarding process will to a significant extent be the same that provides customer portfolio maintenance during the customer relationship lifetime.


Decision processing and credit scoring

Business Analytics deliver complete credit decision processes, utilizing internal and external information sources to model the scoring and decision policy according to the company’s requirements.

When it comes to the credit processing, we can tailor any type of data acquisition and handling, providing support for both internal and external post-process analysis and modelling.

We can also analyze the scoring data to experience why potential customers are being rejected and help you optimize the credit process to reduce losses and maximize profit.



Business Analytics offers a standardized IFRS9 module for calculating and booking of impairments. Our experts can also design a probability model for future defaults based on the company’s portfolio history.


Online reporting

Business Analytics includes tools for online reporting on demand. To name a few; sales statistics, credit scoring, balance sheets, portfolio overview and historical transactions can be processed and aggregated at your fingertips.


Insights and CRM

Do you have a CRM system but are not feeding it with intelligent data?
Imagine if you could know which customers to call upon to maximize recurring business.
Business Analytics helps you analyze your data, looking for patterns giving you insights that can improve your decisions and business results.



Are your books healthy, or are you worried about the next visit from the auditors?
Take advantage of our reconciliation package and experienced advisors to keep your general ledger reconciled and free from discrepancies.

Stay connected

Although we would like nothing more than for all your eggs to be in our basket, it’s usual to administrate multiple systems from different vendors that need to work together seamlessly.
The Business Analytics area from Banqsoft offers vast experience in creating interfaces between View21 and external systems, using XML, web services, json, or rest API’s.

Banqsoft's KYC Solution Simplify Customer Data & Compliance in Real-time

As a financial institution, remaining compliant with ‘Know Your Customer’ regulations can be a difficult, expensive and labour-intensive task. Banqsoft’s KYC Service has been created to help automate and simplify these issues.

Bridge the gap between Data and Reporting

LiveView IL is our latest add-on offering when it comes to establishing an interface for reporting and analytical tools. Customers can incrementally pre-process data, see data aggregation overviews such as balance totals and balance overviews, 180 degree interface views and more. Add-on service to View21 core modules.

Discover LiveView

Self-Service Business Intelligence Platform

Make your first step towards self-service reporting with our modern business intelligence platform, IntelliView. The product makes it easy to track business performance over any given period using advanced time analytics. Add-on offering to View21 modules.

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