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Banqsoft uses “cookies” to give you a more personalised user experience.

Banqsoft’s website use “cookies” to give you a more personalised user experience on our website. A cookie is a short data file that a website can send to your browser, which your browser may then store on your system to tailor the communication between you and Banqsoft.
Banqsoft uses its own cookies to collection information about you to support various purposes. We use cookies so that Banqsoft.com can function correctly ('Necessary'), remember your settings and create a better user experience for you ('Functional'), analyze your behavior on Banqsoft.com to optimize Banqsoft.com ('Statistical') and target our content and ads on social media and external websites based on your behavior on Banqsoft.com ('Marketing'). 

Banqsoft reserves the right to use cookies.  You may manage your personal cookie settings in the GDPR pop-up window upon visiting Banqsoft's website, or in the settings of your web browser.

Different web browsers may use alternative methods of handling cookies. See below links with instructions on how to configure your cookie settings in your web browser*:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

*The links above will lead you directly to the provider of the specified web browser. The instructions may be regularly updated.

The lawfulness of processing is based upon the General Data Protection Regulation Article 6, paragraph 1 (f), which allows us to process the information necessary to safeguard a legitimate interest, which weighs heavier than the consideration of the individual's privacy. The legitimate interest is to get services on this website to function properly.


Sharing of Data

The information we collect about the traffic on our homepages may be shared internally within Banqsoft in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, and Malaysia, as well as our owners, KMD AS, and our Google Marketing partner, Færd AS.

How to Contact Us

If you have comments, questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement, you may e-mail our Data Protection Officer at: dpo@banqsoft.no.

If you would like to contact our Data Protection Officer by writing a letter, the address is Østensjøveien 32, 0667 Oslo, Norway. Please mark the letter: “Data Protection Officer”.


Complaint Mechanisms

You have the right to file a complaint regarding concerns about how your personal data is being processed with the Data Protection Authorities to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, post box 458 Sentrum, 0105 Oslo, Norway.