Car loans, consumer finance

Car loans from Banqsoft can be tailored to meet most car financing requirements in the marketplace, supporting the full life-cycle financing of cars and commercial vehicles.

Our solutions cover unsecured loans, loans with collaterals, annuity loans, loans with fixed or floating interest, weighted or season-based payment plans.

All products can be configured based on a wide range of parameters, from interest methods, repayment methods, annuity, straight-line or flexible amortization, handling of changes in the payment plan such as payment free periods or flexible payment plan, period length, invoicing, pre-collection and collection and more.

Banqsoft offers efficient self-service solutions for automated scoring, onboarding and applications for direct or indirect sales channels and “MyCar” for the buyer.

Versatile Distribution Functionality

Instant distribution in direct and indirect channels.

Dealer solutions, Dealer, Car dealer, Automotive dealer, Auto Dealer, Dealer support

Strong Dealer Support

Dealer solutions to handle high-credit volumes through a user friendly self-service portal. 

Multichannel Support, Operations in new channels

Multichannel Support

Integrated channels to support consumers, corporates, partners and suppliers.

Simple. Faster. Smarter.

Stay up to speed with smarter, more powerful software that will digitize your asset finance offerings. Learn about our comprehensive solutions for Asset Finance here.


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