With the global explosion of online sales and e-commerce, our solutions enable companies to focus on their core business, while quickly proliferating their new offering to even more merchants.

Digital transformations have tremendously changed the way consumers purchase and shop - and today, online commerce is the largest industry in the world. Consumers expect the efficiency and convenience to shop anytime, anywhere and with flexible payment options.

Banqsoft provides the technology required for finance companies to automate and digitize their offerings, so they can operate in new channels with even more merchants and focus on their core business. 

Sales Finance

Our software supports the entire purchase flow


Credit-line product. Multi-purchase function available per account. Can be general or merchant specific.

Shopping Account

Shopping account connected to credit lines. Multiple purchase functionality on the same account. Core platform flexibility.


Credit conversion. Configured per merchant decided by the merchant/web shop terms of payment. Distribution of invoices.

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International payments, payment processing, payment clearing

Banqsoft Payment Service

The financial industry is continuously evolving through new international and local payment services, compliance regulations and more. Learn about our latest add-on offering, Banqsoft Payment Service, which takes the complexity out of today’s modern payment processing.


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