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Simplifying complex payment processes - all in one service

Based on modern technology as a multi-tenant and cloud-native service, Banqsoft Payment Service offers you a way to hurdle challenges when launching new financial innovations or pursuing growth within new areas. The design of the Banqsoft Payment Service enables you to scale across different systems and geographies with your payments, as it allows you to connect multiple local ledgers or PISP services with multiple clearing services and route payments on the fly. The service is bult upon our unique domain knowledge of the Nordic payment and clearing market. Moreover, EU payments are incorporated seamlessly, giving you the tools to expand your business within EU, regardless of currency or clearing house. 


It is fully managed by Banqsoft, empowering you to focus on your core business. 

Features & Benefits

All-in-One Payment Processing

Flexibility for your financial innovations

Scalable across complex payment ecosystems

Supports expansion to new geographical regions

Multi-tenant Support and Cloud-Native

Managed Service Delivery

Product Details

The ever-increasing complexity of the payment services and clearing ecosystem is why Banqsoft Payment Service was developed. By separating the processing of payments from core systems, it allows you to overcome that complexity and do more with your payment services. Even upgrades can be performed seperately for Banqsoft Payment Service, keeping you on the cutting edge without upgrading your core systems.


Through standard REST APIs you can connect Banqsoft Payment Service to multiple cores, ledgers or PISPs (Payment Initiation Service Provider). At the same time, you can connect it to different clearing services on the other end. Let it redirect payments on the fly to the different cores and clearing services – even on a per payment basis via configurable routings and filters. That way you can focus on initiating payments and let Banqsoft Payment Service take care of the rest. Multiple clearing services and adaptors are supported, including P27, EBA, STRAKS, emerging services such SWISH and VIPPS and more, giving you the possibilities to take on new markets and innovations.


Ultimately, modularizing your payment processing with Banqoft Payment Service means you reduce system complexity, increase performance, improve agility and scalability of your services. 

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Payment processing, International payments, Payment clearing