Banqsoft’s project manager and business consultants are experts within industries like retail banking, consumer financing and asset financing.

Professional project management is a productivity maximiser, adding value through governance and control of IT projects. By carrying out the right projects and implementing them properly, our customers achieve the best outcome of their business development.


Project Management

To be able to adapt to current trends and remain relevant to your customers, Banqsoft’s project managers plays a key role. We believe in merging our customers business strategy with the change management process. We provide strong project management and thorough methodology. Combined with previous tests and validation against requirements and demands, we ensure that throughout the whole project. This takes place during the entire project and that's how we succeed!

Our project managers ensure that the introduction of new products is done with high quality and according to budget. By optimizing the utilization of resources, they help our customers to remain relevant and competitive in their business areas.


Business Consulting

Our business consultants possess extensive industry experience and the necessary competence to support your business, whether it is related to use of Banqsoft’s product suite, advisory for new potential business opportunities or optimization of business processes.

The business consultants work closely with the customer to ensure fast and frequent iterations. Consultant services may be advisory, configuration of financial products and services, test management, optimization of processes and data quality, business analysis and training of super-users.


Health check consept

Banqsoft also offers our customers a “Health check program” as an intense and short-term review of the critical areas involved around operation of the system.

The aim is to identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency and reduced costs of operations.

The health check is conducted with a systematic approach to analyse areas like system performance and architectural issues, integrations, process enhancements, product usage and output.

The process is carried out by data gathering and review of history, interview of staff, observation of processes, system and operation, root cause analysis and reporting of findings. Findings can thereafter be prioritized for in-depth projects to analyze and take appropriate actions to solve the identified issues.

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