Foqus Finance is an easy-to-use, contract management solution for small and medium sized leasing and loan enterprises. This solution was established 20 years ago in cooperation with finance companies in the Nordic countries and has progressed ever since. Foqus Finance meets the needs of your finance operation – creating efficiency and enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. Built on the Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central platform, all functions in a finance company's daily workflow are maintainable in this single application.

Product Features

Contract Lifecycle Management

Processes are centered around the contract, and predefined tasks drive the contract through its life-cycle.

Operational Flexibility

Easily tailored and extendable solution. Easy to deploy new offerings and processes with parameter setup.

Optimal Performance

Role-based workspaces and workflow guidance. Operational speed, performance, and insights needed to run your business.

Actionable Insights

Fully integrated with Accounting and General Ledger. Real-time data visualization. Quick transformation of data to effective sales and management tools.

Connect Your Data with Microsoft Office

Improved productivity embedded with Microsoft Office. With FoqusDocs, it is possible to automate the generation of documents.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Run your entire business with a single solution. All functions in a finance company's daily operations are maintainable.


Foqus Finance covers leasing offerings for operational, financial and hybrid financing forms, to both corporates and consumers customers. Leasing support is both for Equipment Leasing and Auto Finance as well as big and small ticket leasing.

Foqus Finance can handle multiple objects on a contract with replacement of single components at any time during the lifespan of the financed period.

Add-on products and services as insurance, service, tyres and fuel cards can be added to the leasing contract.

For the Danish market, there is also support for Proportional Registration Tax and Split Leasing.


Loans via Foqus Finance can be tailored to meet most financing requirements in the marketplace, supporting the full life-cycle financing of cars and commercial vehicles as well as hire-purchase.

Foqus Finance cover unsecured loans, loans with collaterals, annuity loans, loans with fixed or floating interest, weighted or season-based payment plans.

Generic Process Overview

Foqus Finance model showing the whole process

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