The market is heating up; more brands will launch their own cards, premium cards will offer more luxe benefits, issuers will focus on long-term customer loyalty a well and ramp up their emphasis on security

Contactless cards, virtual cards, wallets, micro savings, cards in multiple colours, shapes and materials as well as wearables, loyalty programs offering benefits and rewards are just some of the trends to keep up with.

Cards from Banqsoft supports the complete lifecycle of card issuing related to credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, virtual cards, wallets, as well as micro savings or donations to charity.

The solution supports BankAxept, VISA and MasterCard. It is highly automated and delivered seamlessly integrated with issuer gateway services from Nets, including card fraud management and 24/7 emergency services, as well as PIN management toolkit. The module also handles major existing and upcoming payment schemes with different token technology.

The card module consists of a ledger, online customer on-boarding including KYC, FATCA, AML, eID and eSignature, credit- and risk processes, risk-based pricing, card ordering and production process, PCI compliance, PIN services, card renewals, STIP and clearing, settlements, rewards, cashback, cashpoints, invoicing, payments, dispute handling, dunning and pre-collection, customer statements and reporting.

Flexible pricing methods makes it possible, to customize card products to specific market segments. Multiple credit applications can be handled simultaneously in the internet or mobile bank, where the customer also can administrate their own PIN codes.