In-house Collection

Banqsoft offers effective and automated tools for in-house debt collection, with broad integration capabilities. 

We know keeping good customer relations is imperative. Providing you with numerous solutions for keeping all information top notch, our easy-to-use solutions can support that. Role based setups and low cost entry training gets users ahead.

Omnichannel scalable production and distribution is designed for either the extreme numbers , the small  business or public service. 

Features & Benefits

Champion Challenger

Champion Challenger

What process is the most optimal? Test it for the best results.

  • Performance optimization with workflow engine
  • Monitor performance for insight
  • Automation
  • Robotics for automatic changes

Automated, Automation


Data and event driven workflow engine for mass handling - working for you.

  • Most advanced workflow engine
  • Data and event driven
  • Easy configurable and client friendly
  • Amazing tool for mass handling

Open API's

Combining technologies is the smoother way to enable more business.

  • Run your own Hybrid solution
  • Integrate your business solutions, internal or external
  • Rest API
  • High and reliable performance with monitoring

Easy to use, role based

Easy to Use

User oriented and adapted interface for secure operation.

  • UX adapts to kind of Role
  • Low cost entry new user training
  • Performance: Motivating Dashboards with KPI goals
  • Security: UX controls and Tooltips to assist



Adherent to your market’s legistation with adaptable rule engine.

  • Adaptable Rule engine applicable to legislation, turnkey ready
  • Change of legislation applied in new configuration
  • Standard audit reports aligned to legislation


Push your boundaries and expand to new markets.

  • Language adapts to User config
  • Multi language support
  • Multi currency support and updates
  • Base currency and transaction currency

Role based

Role Based

Customize the solution to your workforce for maximum output.

  • Resource management
  • Automatic task allocation to Roles
  • Performance monitoring of different Roles
  • Security: UX controls who can do what 

Security Laptop


Attackers today are smart. So you need to be smarter.

  • Azure Cloud security – highest standards
  • Get the power and scale when you need it
  • Authentication, two-factor optional
  • Certified: ISO27001

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