Leasing is becoming one of the leading consumer trends in the market today. With greater financial security, flexibility and customisation, Banqsoft provides digitized and automated solutions to make the onboarding and application processes as convenient and efficient as possible for the end consumer, as well as optimizing the way our customers do business.

Leasing from Banqsoft covers operating and financial leasing or hybrids to both corporates and consumers. The solution supports areas like hire purchase, rental, auto leasing, equipment leasing, big- and small ticket leasing. 

The solution supports the complete lifecycle of leasing from contact to contract; product shaping, onboarding, credit handling and compliance like GDPR, FINREP, COREP, tax and VAT built-in.
Additional products and services such as insurance, service, tyres and fuel cards can easily be added to the leasing contract. Flexible pricing mechanisms make it possible to offer risk- based pricing, cost- and profit split, commission and subsidy management. 

Banqsoft also offers wholesale partner integrations and self-service solutions with possibilities for multi-branding in all channels, delivered as responsive services for pc, tablet and mobile phones.

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