Asset Financing

Consumer trends like private leasing, carsharing, driverless cars, everyday and weekend cars and mobility on demand affect the auto finance industry rapidly

Auto financing is one of the world’s largest industries, however there will be a shift in revenues from up-front to recurring business, due to a shift in consumer trends from personal owned vehicles to mobility solutions delivered as a service. The lifespan of a car is on average 15 years from production to discard. During this period, a car often is financed several times, starting with the dealer’s showroom followed by car loans, leasing, fleet management, floor planning and finally used-car financing. Cars have also become ecosystems for the sale of additional products and services, such as insurance, road assistance, fuel cards, tire hotel and mobility services.

Banqsoft offers a wide range of asset financing products and services, supporting full life-cycle financing of cars and commercial vehicles, such as car loans, leasing, fleet management and floor planning. Our end-to-end solutions meets new requirements and offers great digital customer experiences for consumers, corporates and dealers. Our dealer-web provides your partners with instant overview of the portfolio, including financed volume, invoice status, payments, commissions, as well as loan- and leasing calculators.

Banqsoft has made the decision-making process easy for you; decide which financial products and services you want to offer from Banqsoft’s product suite, select the value chain you want us to deliver, choose among flexible delivery models and pick 3rd party partners.

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