Business Analytics, Business Intelligence

IntelliView is our modern business intelligence platform built using advanced design techniques and practices, and an add-on Business Analytics service within Banqsoft's View21 Suite. The analytical layer of the product uses Power BI that is built on top of Analysis Services Tabular Models, which are hosted in Azure. Power BI enables our customers to access data anywhere and at any time using various prebuilt Tabular Models provided by Banqsoft. Also, Power BI boasts a robust mobile platform to have analytics on the go. The platform also offers an easy to use self-service capability to support our customers to build their reports and dashboards. IntelliView makes it easy to track business performance over any given period using advanced time analytics.

Features & Benefits

Simplified Configuration

Configuration made easy with multiple prebuilt Tabular modules.

Dynamic Functionality

Ability to interact with over 50 reporting dimensions.

Simplified Calculation Complexity

Complex analytical and time calculations - automated, and working for you.

Powerful Analytical Analysis & Reporting

In-depth dive analysis using report drill-throughs and drill downs.

All-in-one Business Performance Overview

Make informed decisions by monitoring key performance indicators on your business.

Realtime Analytics & Reporting

IntelliView delivers a data warehouse solution that is used as a data source for various Analysis Services Tabular models. With this, our customers can then connect to these Tabular Models via Analytical tools such as Power BI. Banqsoft also hosts a few ready to use insightful dashboards and reports which are fully interactable to get started on the platform. Currently, the platform supports multiple use case scenarios such as application overviews, onboarding performance of new loans, campaign insights, credit scoring analysis, contract portfolios, and more. 
Business Analytics, Business Intelligence

Additional Features

IntelliView allows our customers to build their own reports and dashboards using our redesigned BI Tabular models. The illustration below displays a subset of available fields for analysis when connecting to the Tabular model. 

Bridge the gap between Data and Reporting

LiveView IL is our latest add-on offering when it comes to establishing an interface for reporting and analytical tools. Customers can incrementally pre-process data, see data aggregation overviews such as balance totals and balance overviews, 180 degree interface views and more. Add-on service to View21 core modules.

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