#MeetourTeam: Banqsoft DevOps Payment Team Develop Solutions for Cloud-Native Payment Processing

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The world of consumer banking is continually evolving - and Banqsoft’s DevOps Payments team has been at the forefront designing solutions for cloud native payment processing. Read on for an insider look about the team and some of their latest project developments.

Our ambition is to prove that even in the banking world, cloud combined with the right culture can be used efficiently to deliver secure services faster, cheaper and with even higher quality.

Piotr Rojek, Senior architect & team lead for devops payments

“As a Payment Team, we are responsible for creating a multi-tenant hub which processes hundreds of thousands of transactions daily in real-time,” Senior System Architect for DevOps payments team, Piotr Rojek, tells us. 

Piotr is also a Team Lead, responsible for designing its cloud native payments processing platform. “Part of my role involves taking into consideration everything from choosing the best architecture, Azure services, frameworks, to meeting security and reliability requirements.”

When he joined Banqsoft as a Developer a few years ago, the team was still using waterfall practices commonly found in the banking world, but now they are changing fast. Today, the team works in SCRUM, embracing agile methodologies and aiming at adopting DevOps practices company wide.

“Right from the beginning it was important for us to follow DevSecOps practices and build a culture around those practices, as we believe it will make our company succeed,” says Rojek. “In an agile mindset, together with our Product Owner and our Scrum Master, we ensure through Scrum ceremonies that we are always aligned with the company's strategy.”

Banqsoft’s mission is to give customers new business opportunities and competitive advantages through its state-of-the-art software suites, View21 and Lighthouse, backed by highly digitized functionalities that support agile processes. The solution is known to be one of the Nordic’s most comprehensive financial suite for banks, consumer finance providers and debt collection agencies, proven to leverage new products with shortest possible time-to-market and offer seamless user experiences for the end consumer.

While we focus on the latest technology and clean code, we never forget about our project targets, always putting customer needs first place.

Piotr Rojek, Senior architect & team lead for devops payments

A Day in the Life of a Banqsoft Developer

Software Developer Natalia Kowalik joined Banqsoft Poland in February 2021, and on the daily her work involves tasks from moving functionality to the Azure cloud, to writing solutions in .NET technology with attention to architecture, quality, readability and accuracy.

“In the last few months, our team has been focusing on creating a well thought out architecture for the future solution, and good quality code so that we can easily add more functionality to our services,” says Kowalik. “Once we've created the CI/CD and the basis of the architecture, we started to implement the business functionality, and our goal for now is to go into production with our solution, and later on use the Azure cloud and microservices as much as possible.”

This approach is very important for the maintenance and development of the system, which will ensure that customers get subsequent versions of the product faster and with fewer bugs, also due to significant code coverage with unit tests.

“Since my first day at Banqsoft, I have been working with the most cutting-edge technologies, in a small, close-knit team,” says Kowalik. “We work in an agile way, so there is no pressure to estimate large tasks where we quickly catch possible bugs and we talk about the progress of work on an ongoing basis.”

Great solutions don’t come without great teams behind the scenes. Natalia’s team lead, Piotr, maintains a team culture where they balance work, socialising with colleagues and knowledge sharing to ensure close team connection as they work remotely across borders.

“As a team lead, I have a unique opportunity to help team members to develop themselves and grow professionally ensuring they remain engaged and motivated,” says Rojek. “We spend a bulk of our time at work; therefore, our philosophy is to create a family-like feeling at Banqsoft. Our focus is to create a multinational environment where everybody’s contribution matters and everyone is treated equally."

We believe that if people come first, that will bring us the results we are looking for.

Piotr Rojek, Senior architect & team lead for devops payments

Natalia adds, “Banqsoft also cares about the growth of its employees. As a result, a few months ago I had the opportunity to participate in a guided course about developing solutions in Azure cloud, and recently I passed a certificate proving my skills.”

A Growth Company with Strong Development Opportunities

As Banqsoft invests in product development and prepares to expand into new markets, the company offers professional development opportunities for its employees while continuing to onboard new colleagues.

"In the past years I have built a solid understanding of our business and products as I had an opportunity of working closely with our best architects, business consultants as well as customers,” says Rojek. “On the other hand, I have gained a lot of hands-on technical knowledge which resulted in smooth certifications in Azure Solutions Architect Expert and DevOps Engineer Expert.”

It feels really rewarding being able to be part of this transformation, where we establish new teams, adopting DevOps, building new culture and ways of working. Not many companies give you such a complete experience and learning possibilities.

Piotr Rojek, Senior architect & team lead for devops payments

Banqsoft is currently recruiting for a large variety of key roles from .NET Developers and Architects, Software Engineers, SaaS technicians and more to follow the company’s international path with expanded development. Have a look at our careers below and apply today!


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