Banqsoft Supports Deliveries to Norwegian Debt Registers

Norwegians are at the top of the world when it comes to debt, and today more than 300,000 Norwegians have payment claims. Official debt registers are now being launched, to give financial services providers a new tool for better credit assessments and an overview of the loan applicant's unsecured debt.

Providers of unsecured loans must deliver information to the debt information registers from July 1st.
Banqsoft provides debt information on behalf of our customers offering credit cards and other forms of unsecured loans.

The debt registers are in the process of being filled with information as described in the regulations, and ready with services for businesses and consumers who will help to curb the growth in consumer loans, and the number of debt victims to be reduced.

You can read more about the debt information registers here:

Here you can check which financial institutions who deliver debt information to the registers:

And here you can check which debt information is reported on yourself by using your bank ID: