Ringerike Municipality: SMS is a Great Efficiency Contribution!

Ringerike municipality sees great results in the debt collection activities by using text messaging to and from debtors. 

Magdalena Blaszczak-Gonerska operates the BUSINESS alone in a town and area with over 30.000 inhabitants. A good service at hand is then important to work efficiently and secure income for Ringerike.

– "The SMS travels fast and gives us a better response," Magdalena says. "People are constantly on the mobile. Some calls in and asks for more information, especially upon receiving dunning. So, I send what they need by SMS, and after a day or two, an amount is paid. Today's traditional mail takes too long and the letter is maybe staying unopened for some more days. So SMS is much, much more efficient", she tells us.

It's the 30 to 50 years age group she experiences SMS works best for. Up to 60 is also fine, but beyond that it's more resistance.

– "We want to go all-digital, but it's a long road ahead. We are working on it!", Magdalena says.

The plan to go more digital is there, and she wants to implement SMS Payment and the Contact- and Reservation Register as soon as possible, to be even more efficient.

Automated SMS sending in the dunning flow is on the agenda. We, in Banqsoft, then really think it's going to fly!