Instabank launched with Banqsoft platform in Norway

The Norwegian bank Instabank recently signed a three year agreement with Banqsoft for the establishment of a new banking platform for Instabank and their launch of financial services to Norwegian end users.

Instabank will offer Norwegian end users financial services such as consumer loans and deposits, using Banqsoft’s ”bank in box” as their platform. This is a standard end-to-end consumer banking platform that improves the bank’s efficiency and digitalizes banking services with a high degree of automation, reducing the number of manual steps in the customer processes.

”With our ambitious plan to establish a bank in 6 months, Banqsoft was the only realistic alternative.

It was also crucial to choose a core bank with an open and modern architecture, as we plan a development with different components connected in standardized user interfaces”, says Robert Berg, CEO in Instabank.

Read the press release from Instabank and Banqsoft here:

Instabank launched with Banqsoft in Norway
Instabank lanseres med Banqsoft i Norge