Banqsoft Delivers IT Platform to Nordea Finance

Banqsoft will implement IT solutions to support the Consumer Finance activity in Nordea Finance.
The implementation will start in Norway and the plan is for the other Nordic markets to follow.

The project aims to provide Nordea Finance with a state-of-the-art consumer finance solution to enable Nordea Finance to quickly respond to market opportunities and enable further growth. 


"We want to be the customers first choice when looking for a consumer finance partner and it is pivotal to have a supplier which is able to support our initiatives going forward" states Kristina Salemyr, Head of Consumer Finance at Nordea Finance.


"- With this contract we once again prove that Banqsoft has one of the most competitive offerings for banks focusing on consumer finance. The fact that Nordea Finance chooses Banqsoft as a partner, is something I have long been targeting, and I am very excited that we finally get this opportunity together with Nordea Finance", says Terje Kjøs, CEO at Banqsoft.


The ambitious implementation project will be based on agility to quickly deploy results. "- I am impressed by the professionalism that Nordea Finance's core team has shown us this far in the process. It's like a perfect match, having our experienced team to work with Nordea Finance's team of finance and IT professionals. I feel certain we will make this cooperation a success!" Terje Kjøs continues.