Providing state-of-the-art solutions for debt collection and credit management.

After decades of supplying the market with credit management and setting standards for the industry, we can now present a 100% cloud based debt collection solution.

Open APIs means easier deploying of systems for your strategic business. With systems working together seamlessly you will have and effective, automated and secure operation. We will also be your trusted partner for compliance, with systems adhering to national legislation and broad international capabilities.

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Features & Benefits

Champion Challenger

Champion Challenger

What process is the most optimal? Test it for the best results.

  • Performance optimization with workflow engine
  • Monitor performance for insight
  • Automation
  • Robotics for automatic changes
Automated, Automation


Data and event driven workflow engine for mass handling - working for you.

  • Most advanced workflow engine
  • Data and event driven
  • Easy configurable and client friendly
  • Amazing tool for mass handling

Open API's

Combining technologies is the smoother way to enable more business.

  • Run your own Hybrid solution
  • Integrate your business solutions, internal or external
  • Rest API
  • High and reliable performance with monitoring
Easy to use, role based

Easy to Use

User oriented and adapted interface for secure operation.

  • UX adapts to kind of Role
  • Low cost entry new user training
  • Performance: Motivating Dashboards with KPI goals
  • Security: UX controls and Tooltips to assist


Adherent to your market’s legistation with adaptable rule engine.

  • Adaptable Rule engine applicable to legislation, turnkey ready
  • Change of legislation applied in new configuration
  • Standard audit reports aligned to legislation


Push your boundaries and expand to new markets.

  • Language adapts to User config
  • Multi language support
  • Multi currency support and updates
  • Base currency and transaction currency
Role based

Role Based

Customize the solution to your workforce for maximum output.

  • Resource management
  • Automatic task allocation to Roles
  • Performance monitoring of different Roles
  • Security: UX controls who can do what 
Security Laptop


Attackers today are smart. So you need to be smarter.

  • Azure Cloud security – highest standards
  • Get the power and scale when you need it
  • Authentication, two-factor optional
  • Certified: ISO27001

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