Banqsoft Procasso is a 100% cloud based collection software developed especially for Norwegian public services. The system is easy to use and is highly automated. This gives a streamlined and effective system for collecting municipal taxes and debt. Banqsoft Procasso is the safest choice for ensuring income to finance production of services to the public.

The system is in use in the far largest municipalities in Norway, and half of the Norwegian population lives in municipalities where the administrations use Procasso as their main tool for collection.

Under the Lighthouse eco-system for credit management, Banqsoft Procasso is the leading system, based on state-of-the-art technology on the market.

Key features

  • Highly automated
  • 100% cloud based
  • Feature richness

Key benefits

  • Effective
  • Simplicity in use
  • Secure

Using Banqsoft Procasso for debt collection is the right road to improved income. Procasso offers far greater functionality than any other system on the Norwegian market. The solution can be expanded – or user customized – to meet specific needs. Banqsoft offers a huge variety of services that can improve both workday and economic results.




Seamless integration with ERP systems is the standard with Banqsoft's open API's. The same goes for external data exchange and ensuring communication and payment through today's channels.

Automated and Effective

Banqsoft Procasso is the most automated, and effective system for debt collection and credit management. It will give a great contribution to digitizing the organisation. Along with digitization comes increased productivity and less human errors thanks to effective workflow rule engines.

Scalable for your expansion of or improving public services

Banqsoft's flexible and adaptable systems enables both the little and the large municipality the best tool for debt collection. Collect for more units in the organisation and even other municipalities without increasing the number of employees. Self service solutions and powerful reporting tools and applications are your best helpers.

So does our Microsoft Azure based production with enormous capacity.

Simplicity in use and with great self service solutions

Starting as a new user in Banqsoft Procasso is easy. The system can be set up to fit your exact needs, your role or language. The system is clear and you can easlily see today's follow-ups and tasks.

Web-based portals for self service for both creditor and debtor, for other departments og municipalities you serve, takes off some of the workload, and is even very convenient for the external users. This way you can increase the success rate and get payments earlier.

Insight and Reporting

With just a click standard and customized reports can show the performance. The reports can be subscribed to or sent to the creditor on specified dates or after certain periods. Our reports are Power BI based and integrated.

Compliance and Security

Banqsoft Procasso's adaptable rule engine is compliant with applicable legislation, such as GDPR or debt collection regulations. With Azure Cloud Security we offer security to the highest standards. ISO-certified services. 

Flexible Delivery and Continous Deployment

Banqsoft Procasso is offered as an SaaS solutionand is 100% cloud based. New functionality and releases are deployed continously with automatic update.

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