For three decades, the Banqsoft team have presented excellent tools for ensuring municipal income, securing the tremendous flow of child support payments and providing tools for debt collectors to provide profitable services for their clients. 

In-house collectors, third party collectors, municipalities and more have benefited from our services offered to reduce the DSO, improve cash flow, collect delinquent debt and stay compliant.

Predator, Predator CMS, Procasso, InkassoNET and Lighthouse Add-on Services are great solutions for businesses offering debt collection services and credit, invoice and ledger management.


Predator Debt Collection System is an advanced and feature-rich debt collection software, developed in collaboration with the Norewegian debt collection industry over three decades. The good half of the Norwegian debt collection industry use this debt collection system, where the need for automation, functionality and size is adapted in the system's module-based structure.

Predator Debt Collection System satisfies the requirements for debt collection activities and all regulations.

Why choose the Debt Collection System Predator?

  • Market-leading solution adapted to the company's needs
  • Scalable in relation to the company's size and requirements for functionality
  • Extensive selection of additional modules
  • Automatic work processes and large capacity
  • Utilizing all Lighthouse add-ons



Software for debt collection agencies: The Predator CMS debt collection system is an advanced and highly functional debt collection system, developed in close cooperation with the debt collection industry over three decennials.

Predator debt collection satisfies the demands for organized debt collection. Automation, flexible functionality and scalability is built into the modulized structure.

Why choose the debt collection system Predator?

  • Market leading solution adapted to your organization’s needs
  • Scalable solution for different needs relating to size and functionality
  • Extensive selection of additional modules
  • Automated processes and large capacity
  • Utilize the spectrum of Lighthouse add-on functionality



Banqsoft Procasso debt collection software is developed especially for Norwegian public services. The system is easy to use and is highly automated. This gives a streamlined and effective system for collecting municipal taxes and debt. Banqsoft Procasso is the safest choice for ensuring income to finance production of services to the public.

The system is in use in the far largest municipalities in Norway, and half of the Norwegian population lives in municipalities where the administrations use Procasso as their main tool for collection.

Under the Lighthouse eco-system for credit management, Banqsoft Procasso is the most system rich system available, based on state-of-the-art technology on the market.

Using Banqsoft Procasso for debt collection is the right road to improved income. Procasso offers far greater functionality than any other system on the Norwegian market. The solution can be expanded – or user customized – to meet specific needs. Banqsoft offers a huge variety of services that can improve both workday and economic results.





InkassoNET is a feature-rich debt collection program for self-collection adapted to the Swedish market. Running debt collection in-house gives you many benefits:

  • Full control over the communication tone and activities towards debtors
  • Maintain good and personal relationships with your citizens
  • Cost efficiency, retain 100% of the collected amount and fees 

 Read more about InkassoNET here ►

The Future of Debt Collection Software and Credit Management Systems

Banqsoft’s credit management software is helping enterprise and SMB businesses getting paid faster. Even better – the portfolio of software and services provide optimal payment of delinquent debt utilizing state-of-the-art efficient and automated processes. Robotics enables profitability even when margins diminish, fees are lowered, labour are hard to get, labour costs increase or regulations are tightened.

Either you represent a debt collection agency, a thirdparty collector or plan for in-house services, Banqsoft has world class tools for your order-to-cash strategy.

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