Leasing from Banqsoft supports operational and equipment leasing, hire purchase, rentals to big and small ticket leasing and more. 

Leasing covers operational and financial leasing or hybrids to both corporates and consumers. The solution supports areas such as hire purchase, rental, auto leasing, equipment leasing, big and small ticket leasing.

The complete lifecycle of leasing is supported from contact to contract - from product shaping, onboarding, credit handling and compliance regulations such as GDPR, FINREP, COREP, tax and VAT built-in.

Additional products and services such as insurance, service, tyres and fuel cards can easily be added to the leasing contract. Flexible pricing mechanisms make it possible to offer risk-based pricing, cost and profit split, commission and subsidy management. 

Banqsoft also offers wholesale partner integrations and self-service solutions with possibilities for multi-branding in all channels, delivered as responsive services for pc, tablet and mobile phones.

Automated Workflows

Effective automated workflows give the ability to grow your portfolio without more staff requirements.

Dealer solutions, Dealer, Car dealer, Automotive dealer, Auto Dealer, Dealer support

Strong Dealer Support

Dealer solutions to handle high-credit volumes through a user friendly self-service portal. 

Multichannel Support, Operations in new channels

Multichannel support

Integrated channels to support consumers, corporates, partners and suppliers.

Operational and Equipment Leasing

Banqsoft’s software solutions for Equipment and Operational Leasing is all about efficient handling of the objects. Our View21 core platform handles multiple objects in the contract with replacement of single components at any time during the lifespan of the financed period.

A single leasing contract may cover leasing of multiple objects with the opportunity to offer different financial terms within the same agreement. The leasing module features a rental option, offering the possibility of automatic extension of the original rental period upon expiry. Banqsoft offers both Operational and Financial Leasing, which includes all types of assets, additional services, residual values and financing multiple objects.

Auto Finance & Leasing

In addition to equipment finance, several car financing solutions are also a part of the leasing portfolio. You can finance the whole lifecycle of a car with the financial products of your choice: Loan, Leasing, Hire Purchase, Stock Financing or Fleet Management. All products can be managed with the highest level of automation combined with the customer or dealer self-service at your choice. The pricing is dynamic and can be risk/based with support for cost and profit split, as well as commission and subsidy handling.

Additional Services

The leasing module covers operational, financial and hybrid financing forms. Services such as insurance, service, tires and fuel cards can be added to the leasing contract.

We offer both fixed and floating calculations with flexible pay plans, and several other features within interest methods, repayment methods, invoicing methods and much more.

When it comes to the credit decision, we offer standard or customized data acquisition plug-ins and automatic decisions based on internal and external data, policy rules, calculated values and limits. We also offer credit decisions based on policy rules or score, rating and/or PD-calculation.

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