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Increase your business volume, improve your profit margins and enhance dealer relations and loyalty with Floor Planning from Banqsoft.

Floor Planning can be an extremely beneficial business strategy for automotive dealers.

The solution supports car dealers need for financing of demo cars, new and used cars in stock in different business models such as consignment, loans and wholesale. This ultimately increases business and contributes to dealer loyalty. 

Banqsoft also offers partner integrations and self-service solutions with possibilities for multi-branding in all channels, delivered as responsive services for pc, tablet and mobile phones.

Solutions for Your Strategy

Handling of High Credit Volumes with Minimal Staff

Dealers do the job through a user friendly self-service portal.

Full Cash Flow Monitoring

Minimizing need for external bank transactions through netting.

Full Individual Asset Control

Enables all parties involved to keep track of assets status and stock location.

Pricing and Price Programs

Filtering and rulesets enable for automatic selection of pricing program.

Subsidy Handling

Enabling OEMs or importers set incentives to promote showroom space for specific brands or products.

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Supports Flexible Business Models

Banqsoft View21 Floorplanning module supports both consignment and wholesale based business models.

Electronic Transaction Flow

Minimizing the need for exchange of PDF's and physical documents.

Simple. Faster. Smarter.

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