Wasa Kredit with new Core System for Asset Finance

Asset Finance

OSLO – November 3, 2021 – Wasa Kredit and Banqsoft have signed an agreement on a new core system for Asset Finance. The new system will be delivered as a service and is expected to be gradually introduced during 2022.

With the new core system, Wasa Kredit targets to further strengthen its position within the Swedish asset finance industry by launching a set of new financial services with a strong digital footprint, including leasing, hire purchase, consignment and loans. Wasa Kredit has extensive experience serving various customers across many different industries and continuously strives to work closely with its customers and partners' business.

We are excited to launch this partnership together with Banqsoft. Throughout the process of selecting a new system for asset finance, we quickly realized that Banqsoft's solution was the perfect match for Wasa Kredit, where a strong footprint of innovation and technological development has been in focus and will further strengthen our digital financing services.

Thomas Högväg, CEO, Wasa Kredit

We are very pleased and look forward to this opportunity with Wasa Kredit. Banqsoft has always had a strong focus on the Nordic asset finance arena and this agreement together with Wasa Kredit really show that dedication to digitizing the financial services industry pays off.

Terje Kjøs, CEO, Banqsoft

About Wasa Kredit

Wasa Kredit is a leading finance company based in Sweden, wholly owned by Länsförsäkringar Bank, within the Länsförsäkringar Alliance. The company offers digital financing services from leasing, rent and instalments to the Business Sector as well as instalments, loans and credit cards to private individuals. Wasa Kredit’s head office is in Stockholm, with local offices in Gothenburg, Malmö, Växjö, Umeå and Örebro. To learn more, visit www.wasakredit.se.

For more information, please contact Communications Coordinator Sara Törenholt, Wasa Kredit. Email: sara.torenholt@wasakredit.se, Phone: +46 086353705.

About Banqsoft

Banqsoft is a leading provider of financial software solutions for Digital Banking, Asset Finance and Credit Management companies. Banqsoft’s solutions support a wide range of financial products related to car loans, leasing services, hire purchase, payment protection, consumer loans, credit and debit cards and more. Banqsoft has achieved a strong position within the Asset Financing sector in the Nordics, with 350+ employees distributed across offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland and Malaysia. Banqsoft develops and supports installations for 300+ customers in more than 30 countries around the globe. To learn more, visit www.banqsoft.com.

For more information, please contact Banqsoft at marketing@banqsoft.com.