ViewPoint 2019

For the 19th year, Banqsoft arranged its annual ViewPoint customer conference joined by 110 customers across 35 companies at the Clarion Hotel Oslo on October 22-23, 2019.

Banqsoft arranged the annual ViewPoint customer conference with great success. 110 customers from 35 companies joined the conference in Oslo from 22th to 23th of October at the brand-new Clarion Hotel Oslo.

Some of the highlights from the conference were the techstorm, digitalization, standardization, cloud and open API’s, focusing on how these trends affect innovation and business development.
The program also included news & roadmaps and expert corners from Banqsoft, Charlie Tango and DIMA, two of Banqsoft's sister companies in KMD Business.

Key note speakers

Nicklas Bergman 

Entrepreneur and technology investor Nicklas Bergman gave a passionate and inspiring presentation about how to navigate the techstorm.

Technology is one of the main drivers of change in business today. Often people bring up digitization, but when it comes to the question of ”disruption” (an extremely worn-out expression btw), digital is only the warm-up! True transformation will come from a combination of digital innovations, advances in nanotechnology and new materials, a deeper understanding of the human brain and the ability to understand every aspect of our genome and tailor our DNA. In these times it’s even more important to set your priorities and strategies right by analysing technologies, assess the business effects, and then adapt to a new reality.

Innovation Norway 

Innovation Norway shared their experiences from 5 years of digitalization in the public sector, wins, losses and lessons learned, including showing some of the greatest innovations in Norway over the last years. Their objective is to contribute to the growth of Norwegian industry and commerce by offering capital and expertise. The strategic focus has been on digitalization for the last 5 years, with removing technical debts, increasing digital processes and focusing on data and analytics as the main achievements.

Banqsoft Awards

Three customers received the Banqsoft award within the categories Innovation, Growth and Rising Star of the year. The winners were selected based on commercial reasons, key differentiators and competitive nature of the product, project or implementation. The awards were announced during dinner and show at Wallmans and went to the following customers:

  • The Banqsoft Innovation Award 2019 – went to Toyota Financial Services in Sweden
  • The Banqsoft Growth Award 2019 – went to PKO Leasing in Poland
  • The Banqsoft Rising Star Award 2019 – went to LocalTapiola in Finland