Banqsoft, a leading provider of financial software for Asset Finance, Digital Banking and Credit Management, continues to increase its international footprint with exciting new customer implementations in Europe.

I am both humble and proud when I reflect on our customers’ trust in our capability to grow together and expand our coverage across new geographies in Europe.

Terje kjøs, Banqsoft CEO

We have always believed that it would pay off to invest in our software as this ultimately means that we invest in our customers‘ ability to seize new business, improve customer experience and improve efficiency,” says Terje Kjøs, Banqsoft CEO. 

With customer implementations in countries such as Germany, Spain and Switzerland, Banqsoft employees have the possibility of interacting with leading international financial institutions. The situation at hand is very positive according to Terje Kjøs.

To be able to work in an international environment provides broad and exciting opportunities for our employees that cross borders and lift career opportunities into 3D. Just recently, we had a team conducting a consultancy assignment visiting on-site for a financial institution in east Asia and I have several colleagues who have visited our partner in India.”

So, what next? We asked Terje Kjøs, “Over the last few years, we have seen a growth in interest from new customers outside the Nordics and recently we have proven that our international organisation is very efficient and capable, delivering larger and complex projects in multiple countries.

We are excited to continue our strategic roadmap, meaning that we will focus on new initiatives together with our customers, keep humble and stay on-our-toes.

Terje Kjøs, Banqsoft CEO