By Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Microsoft is pointing to Banqsoft as a leader in IT. At Banqsoft we always keep an eye on boosting performance, innovations in security, availability and enhancements in general. Microsoft’s engineering team is benefiting from Banqsoft’s database experts pushing limits for our crucial processes.

In this article on, Microsoft is showcasing Banqsoft as a company that gets data into the hands of customers as fast as possible, enabling them to innovate and stay competitive. Magnus Zetterberg and Tomasz Kulczynski has shared their thoughts on SQL Server 2022, as they have participated in Microsoft’s Early Adopter Program.


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We simulated our workload in SQL Server 2022 and saw performance jump by 18 to 20 percent. It looked almost too good, so we ran the test again and saw the same increase in speed. It’s very impressive.

Magnus Zetterberg, Banqsoft