Looking Beyond the Storm - A Letter from Banqsoft CEO Terje Kjøs

The Corona Virus has changed everything about life and work as we know it. Read a letter from our CEO Terje Kjøs about the importance of digitization and how it will keep society moving forward now and in the future.

We are experiencing demanding times. The Coronavirus has turned our lives upside-down and changed everything about life and work as we know it. While the actions taken by the authorities are necessary to secure life and health, it also results in many companies experiencing a dramatic decline in business. 

Banqsoft's missions has always been focused on enabling our customers with innovative and fully-digital software systems that will keep us moving forward, not only in times of digital transformations, but in times of uncertainty that we are experiencing today. We believe that digitization will allow us to continue business operations as normal as possible and behalf of all Banqsoft employees, I want to let you know that our experts continue to stand by our customers ready to assist - even in these remote situations. 

While working remotely, we have seen the value of going digital that has enabled many businesses to continue business operations even in remote situations. It is, in many ways, the catalyst that has allowed our world to keep moving - and we believe that digitization will only become more and more important in the coming years, even when we are back to our normal routines. In these different and uncertain times, we experience that our priorities change. We focus more on daily business, and digital innovations become much more concrete in form when adding value to the core business, instead of more long-term visionary innovation proposals. 

In times of uncertainty and pressure, it is in many ways easier to see what is most important. This is healthy to stay focused and prioritize what gives most value to your core business, and many small improvements in the right direction will also help you to stay ahead of competition when business comes back to normal. 

For our digital banking and asset finance customers, this often means simplification, automation of processes, and improving customer experiences by offering fully digitized services. In our current situation where many of businesses have closed down due to the Coronavirus, we have also seen our society take giant leaps in digital transformation where people who earlier went to the bank to apply for a loan or to the car dealer to finance a car, now search online.

We foresee that the expectations for self-service banking and online sales of cars most likely will increase faster than expected when business get going again. Now, more than ever, is a key time to prepare your systems and processes for a simplified, highly automated and fully digital user experience in the future. 

Banqsoft is here to help you prepare for future improvements.

Keep safe, and plan for a fast-moving digital future that comes after this demanding period.