Nets Announces End of Life for eFaktura 1.0

As part of the discontinuation of eFaktura 1.0 by Nets Norway, eInvoicing will be fully replaced with eFaktura 2.0 and JTTA (“Yes To All”) Functionality, which will contribute to increased digitalisation in Norwegian society. Banqsoft held customer information sessions about the new upgrade which will be made available for View21 customers located in Norway.

eInvoicing is a central service within the Norwegian payment intermediation infrastructure, which enables the ability to send an invoice digitally without the large costs and broad use of resources resulting from the dispatch and processing of a physical paper-based invoice.

A key part in this renewal was the introduction of JTTA (JaTakkTilAlle - Yes To All) functionality where the payer agrees to receive bills digitally on a general basis. The solution will enable a single invoice to be sent to the customer digitally, even if the customer does not have an eInvoice agreement with the company in advance.

JTTA is important for increasing the scope of eInvoicing in Norwegian society. JTTA is a service that supports the digitalization of society and effective processes for customers. Banking institutions that choose not to implement JTTA may result in a missed opportunity for their consumers to receive fully digital invoices in their online banking.Ultimately, this may result in payees not finding eInvoice as a relevant and known service for distribution of digital invoices. 

Online Banking Advantage with eFaktura 2.0 and “JTTA” Functionality 

In eFaktura 1.0/JTTB, banking consumers had the option to select specific invoice issuers that consumers would like to receive eInvoice from. An example of this is if a consumer has 10 different invoice issuers which they must continually make payments to, the consumer can then select that they only want eInvoice from 6 of them, whilst the remaining 4 can be received as a paper invoice.

The new solution, eFaktura 2.0/JTTA, will offer more efficient invoice distribution. Consumers who accept “JTTA” eInvoicing in their online bank will have the option to select “Yes to All” eInvoices for all issuers, enabling a more efficient and faster distribution of invoices.

Contrarily, consumers will also have the option to “switch off” eInvoicing on their online bank, effectively replacing all invoices from digital to paper invoices. 

By eliminating excess costs and resources to process a physical paper-based invoice, consumers will have the ability to receive all invoices digitally in their online bank, which will contribute to increased digitalisation and sustainability in society.

Emil Hågensen, Product Manager

Profitable Benefits for Maintaining eInvoicing for Ledger in CoreView

Banking institutions will receive a full overview of which distribution formats consumers are using, which can be used to reconcile against, for example, a print house to assess how many paper invoices have been sent out each month in correlation with what customers are paying for paper invoices. In addition, it will also enable the opportunity for banks to charge miscellaneous fees for different distribution formats. An example of this is if a bank chooses eInvoicing as a free option, paper invoicing may be incorporated with a fee.

Status of eFaktura 2.0/JTTA Implementation within View21 

Banqsoft held customer info sessions on April 15 & 22 to discuss the new upgrade.

The first upgrade milestone-date is set to December 1, 2021. After this date, it will no longer be possible to register new eFaktura-agreements using eFaktura 1.0. Consumers who already have an eFaktura-agreement onboarded on eFaktura 1.0 before this date will keep their agreement until further notice from Nets.

Consequently, after December 1, 2021, it will no longer be possible to offer eFaktura as a payment option for new customers, using the old interface with eFaktura 1.0. The enrolment files that are being used today will cease to exist and enrolment must be done through webservices based on eFaktura 2.0 and JTTA functionality.

Support for eFaktura 2.0 and JTTA is available as a licenced feature in all CoreView-versions starting from 20.0 and upwards.

For more information, contact Marketing Coordinator Sarah Thue at or by phone at +47 91574541.

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