We are thrilled to announce that Banqsoft has achieved an ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. This certification recognizes our comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) that helps us minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a greener future.

As a leading financial technology provider, we are aware of the need to balance our business operations with environmental sustainability. This certification provides a framework for Banqsoft to systematically identify, assess, and manage our environmental impacts, from energy consumption and waste generation to water usage and transportation practices.

Banqsoft ISO 14001 certification will enable us to:

■  Implement and maintain an effective EMS that aligns with our environmental objectives
■  Identify and assess environmental risks and opportunities
■  Set measurable environmental targets and track progress
■  Enact measures to minimize environmental impacts
■  Communicate Banqsoft environmental performance to stakeholders

Banqsoft will regularly review and update our EMS to ensure it remains relevant and effective, as we strive to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.
Banqsoft’s ISO 14001 certification, ISO 27001/02 certification and ISAE 3402 Type 2 Report (Information Security), demonstrate our dedication to maintaining the highest level of security, quality, sustainability and transparency in all aspects of our operations.

ISO 14001 goes beyond compliance, it embeds environmental responsibility into our DNA. Sustainability is not an add-on, it's a part of the foundation of our decisions.

Terje Kjøs