Banqsoft Announces Launch of New Business Line

Banqsoft today announced the launch of their newly integrated business line within credit management and debt collection.

Earlier in September, Banqsoft entered into an agreement to acquire Norwegian software company, Concent, as part of their strategic growth strategy supported by Banqsoft’s owner, KMD, part of NEC Corporation. Banqsoft today announced the launch of their newly integrated business line within credit management and debt collection. This is the first integration launch since the two companies joined forces in September and strengthened their market position within the Nordics.

The newly integrated business line will strengthen Banqsoft’s comprehensive software suite which will support and broaden an important part of the value chain for current and new customers. The new offering will facilitate credit management solutions through a cloud-based software platform now known as Banqsoft Lighthouse, which will operate three continued software products known as Collect, Procasso and Ledger. The existing products within Concent’s portfolio will remain and continue to be supported and updated.

The new software suite is built on a modern software-as-a-service technology. Banqsoft Lighthouse will facilitate cutting edge solutions for in-house and third-party collections for a number of industries, including debt collection agencies, finance companies, energy sector and public sector. Integrated with Banqsoft financing solutions, we will be able to follow customers through the whole lifecycle from onboarding to collection in a very efficient way.

In parallel with the integration of Concent as a business line, Banqsoft is re-structuring and creating separate business lines for Asset Finance and Digital Banking from November 2nd  2020. This is intended to improve scaling, ensure specialization and come closer to the customers in each segment.

The acquisition of Concent fits perfectly with our strategic growth plan,” says Terje Kjøs, CEO, Banqsoft. “Concent has highly skilled employees with great domain knowledge and a very modern and complementary product line within the credit life cycle that completes our customers' needs. The acquisition also adds interesting new customers to our portfolio. It’s a clear-cut strategic fit, and we’re delighted that Concent is now becoming part of Banqsoft.

Terje Kjøs, CEO of Banqsoft

All products and investments in the product suite from Concent will continue. The Concent corporate title will be replaced by Banqsoft and the new product line will be operated as an integrated business line named Credit Management.

“We will have three strong business lines to become true specialists in each segment, offering both stand-alone deliveries and the opportunity for seamless integrated offerings across the business lines” says Kjøs.

Effective November 2, 2020, Banqsoft will offer the additional product line within credit management and debt collection.

About Concent
Concent was founded in 1994 in Sandefjord, Norway, where it still has its head office. Concent has a strong position in the Nordic market segment within software for the credit management life cycle. The customer base is strong, with 144 Norwegian municipalities, representing 2.7 million citizens, using Concent’s solutions for collection in the public sector. About 100 private collection agencies also use the software, as do many large public agencies as well as several banks and finance companies in Norway and Sweden. The company has around 85 employees, with offices in Norway, Sweden and Poland.

About Banqsoft
Banqsoft is an international subsidiary in the KMD Group, part of the global NEC coorperation. Banqsoft’s core business is software solutions for efficient portfolio management related to loans, leasing, wholesale business, car fleets, cards and accounts for finance companies and banks. Banqsoft has achieved a strong position within asset finance sector and an increasingly stronger position in the digital banking sector services. Banqsoft’s clients are located in the Nordic countries, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Baltic countries, and include companies such as Santander, Handelsbanken, Bank Norwegian, Nordea Finans, Volkswagen Finans and Toyota Financial Services. From September 2020 Banqsoft also offers cutting edge software for Credit Management and debt collection after the acquisition of Concent. Banqsoft has around 350 employees distributed across offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Read more at

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