Banqsoft Collect is Now in Production!

The new solution will offer a cloud-based service for credit management and debt collections, reaching an important milestone for Banqsoft Credit Management.

Our first Customers are now in production with the new Cloud Service now known as Banqsoft Collect. The solution will be rolled out further in production in Sweden throughout the Autumn.

We are looking forward to learn from the profit gain that our Customers will get through the superior automation and resource management that our user-friendly Banqsoft Collect provides.

Our Banqsoft Collect Customers can look forward to automatically updating new features in our multi-tenant delivery model in a secure Cloud solution.

Banqsoft Collect is a core system in the Banqsoft Lighthouse software suite, with its full-service offering for debt collection and credit management, from billing to payment.

For more information about Banqsoft Collect and the Lighthouse eco-system, contact us!