Banqsoft at FinDig 2019

Fintech Conference, Norwegian Innovation

Banqsoft participated at FinDig 2019, the Norwegian Financial Industry's Digitalization Conference. Read on below for more details about the conference.

For the sixth time, Finance Norway brought together leading technology companies, key people from the financial industry, analysts and representatives from the authorities for a day for professional replenishment and networking. Banqsoft was present to keep up with news and trends in the marketplace.

We are all part of one of the biggest changes the financial industry has experienced. Customers expect new, smart solutions from the financial industry, and at the same time the industry is meeting new players and new regulation. Robotics and artificial intelligence are seriously making their entry, those who do not adapt quickly enough are in danger of being disrupted.

Some of the highlights of the conference were the never-ending story of automation and robotics, Bigtech's, TechFin's and Fintechs. Another main area was payment solutions as Alipay, Applepay, Googlepay and Norwegian VIPPS that launches payment services internationally based on a collaboration with Alipay in China.

Data from the Norwegian Innovation Index indicates that customers think the banks have something to strive for when it comes to perceived innovation ability. This means that banks are not particularly attractive and can thus easily experience customer flight if more attractive solutions appear on the market. Platform-based solutions have recently pushed themselves in between banks and customers by decoupling the relationship. Banks can thus risk ending up in a subcontractor role and the future of banks depends on what technology uses for new business models.

"Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them."
Steve Jobs

Image Acknowledgement: FinansNæringsliv