Våler municipality: First out to upgrade to Procasso 10

Våler municipality of Viken county is now in full production with 100% cloud based debt collection: Procasso 10. Runar Holter-Belgen, responsible for collection in Vaaler, is very pleased with the upgrade to Procasso 10. And the one who might be even more pleased with the new version: the IT department. Runar and his colleagues no longer have to think about upgrades, which are continously deployed.

Våler is an average Norwegian municipality with 5,000 inhabitants. They started using Procasso ten years ago and Runar spends just under one day per week on credit management. In addition, he is responsible for finances, billing and property taxes. "Visma integration works very well, so this will be very exciting going forward," he says. He has sent out claims and payments have come in as it should. Some adaptations of letter templates and other minor adjustments were required, but otherwise he looks back on a satisfactory delivery.


Any scepticism regarding upgrading and adopting to Procasso 10?

"No, not at all," Runar says. "I saw this as a clear improvement and very easy compared to having it installed on servers locally. Now we get everything up in the cloud – something I've been looking forward to for a long time. He goes on to say that all the systems he uses will be cloud services in 2022.


So, what would you say to other municipalities that are considering upgrading?

"There's nothing to wonder about, just jump on it!" Finally, he says he is more than willing to respond to inquiries from other municipalities that may have questions. - Just get in touch!