Person holding cellphone with global transactions overay

The first common rules for payments in the European Union (EU) was the adoption of the first payment service directive (PSD1) in 2007. A new payment service directive (PSD2) was adopted in 2015 and became applicable in January 2018.

The new directive shall contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payment marketplace, make payments safer and more secure, level the playing field for payment service providers, encourage increased competition, innovation and cheaper payments.

PSD2 is a central game changer in the banking industry and enables banks to open their platforms to other payment providers. View21 from Banqsoft offers the API’s needed to adapt to PSD2 as well as the new business model called open banking.  

The Banqsoft financial software solutions offer our customers and their partners ecosystems to cooperate and expand the scope of services, creating value and multiple choices for your customers.