Environment and climate

Every day we strive to reduce the energy consumption at Banqsoft.

Banqsoft is a midsized company which is part of a large company group. We have more than 400 employees. Banqsoft deliver the benefits of technology to help our customers succeed and make a difference in society, business, and everyday life. When we deliver Banqsoft applications as hosting services to our customers, we use a sub-supplier to provide the hosting part. Our hosting provider has environment and climate high on its agenda and deliver data center services amongst the cleanest in the market. However, such operation inevitably affects the environment. For Banqsoft it is a daily challenge to continually reduce our environmental footprint and help our customers do the same by developing IT-solutions that support sustainable operations.

Today the IT-industry's combined CO2e-emissions are on level with the emissions from the entire aviation industry. It is estimated that approximately between 2 and 4% of the global CO2e-emissions originate from IT. This is a challenge that we as an IT-developer and -supplier take very seriously. In order to mitigate our environmental footprint, we have a dedicated approach to reducing our overall resource consumption.

To further strengthen our approach to sustainability, Banqsoft has implemented the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management. We are proud to announce that Banqsoft received our ISO 14001 certification in February 2024. 

IT is not just a source of pollution; IT can also be a driving force behind limiting CO2e-emissions. For example, the independent non-profit organization World Economic Forum estimates that IT can reduce the total CO2e-load by up to 15%.

In Banqsoft we offer products that can help organizations reduce their environmental footprint. 


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