Corporate Social Responsibility

In our work with corporate social responsibility, we are very aware of both the opportunities and challenges of IT, and we have therefore chosen to focus on both.

At Banqsoft, we are proud of our contribution to the development and operation of services to the Digital Banking, Asset finance and Credit Management industries. Together with our customers in these industries, we develop new functionalities and products that make life easier for the end-users and society more efficiently.

IT is becoming an increasingly integrated part of our everyday lives. IT offers great opportunities to create new ways of working and communicating. Opportunities that can help us become wiser and better at solving many of the challenges we face together as a society. With the large exchange of information and data also comes challenges in protecting personal data. Therefore, Banqsoft has a strong focus on data security and the protection of private information.

At Banqsoft, we also want to benefit society with more than our products. Therefore, we support various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of individuals and communities. Each year we sponsor non-profit organizations such as Save the Children and Team Rynkeby foundation, to show our support for disabled individuals, societal challenges, and inclusive economic development. By embracing a broader perspective of social impact, we strive to create positive change beyond our immediate business operations.