Banqsoft maintains the following certifications in accordance with Norwegian and international standards with the aim to guarantee and demonstrate that Banqsoft can continue to live up to the sharp demands placed on a modern and secure IT supplier.

The certifications are continuously measured by independent certification authorities who have the responsibility to identify and point out any deviation from the applicable standards.

Banqsoft is certified in the following standards:

  •      ISO 27001 - Information security management.
    The scope of Banqsoft information security management system (ISMS) includes the operational processes
    related to ASP/SaaS deliveries of the products PreView, CoreView/BanqView and Banqsoft-Collect including any underlying assets, located in its offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland.
  •      ISAE 3402 – Type II Report is available against separate payment.
    The scope of the ISAE 3402 report is the products and services in Asset Finance (AF) and Digital Banking (DB).

  •      ISO 14001 - Environmental Management.
    The scope of Banqsoft Environmental management system (EMS) includes Sales, development, operation and hosting of software and services delivered by Banqsoft AS and subsidiaries.